What's going on?

MSU-Billings Named a Purple Heart University
“MSU Billings is proud of our veterans and pledges its dedication to those who have put their lives at risk in combat to protect this country and fellow citizens,” commented Chancellor Edelman. “Earning Purple Heart designation exemplifies our commitment as a university to serve…
New Boxing Gym Helps Parkinson's Patients in Montana
When he turned 60 years old, he found out that he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Norm Dreyer is now helping others who struggle with Parkinson's and has opened his own Rock Steady Boxing gym inside of the Fuel Fitness in Bozeman.
Pics from Trump Rally in Belgrade
Thousands turned out once again to see President Donald Trump in Montana- this time in Belgrade. Check out some of the pics below as President Trump campaigned on behalf of Matt Rosendale and Greg Gianforte.
Montana Talks LIVE from Bozeman on Friday!
The statewide radio talk show "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint will be broadcasting LIVE from Bozeman this Friday, November 2nd. If you'd like to join Aaron on the radio, or just stop in and say hi- come on down to the GranTree Inn in Bozeman from 6A to 10AM. Aaron will be set up in t…
Why is Planned Parenthood Funding I-185 in Montana?
MSU's Dr. David Parker talks about the latest polling numbers for the ballot initiatives in Montana, and he predicts that I-185 will fail. Plus, Planned Parenthood giving big bucks in support of I-185?
MSU-MTN Poll Results Announced in MT Senate Race
The Montana Television Network (MTN) and Montana State University (MSU) teamed up on a political poll ahead of the mid-term elections in Montana, and I think the results are good news for Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale. Here's why...
Bullock Campaigning for Local Candidates...In Iowa?
I don't see how this helps Bullock back at home heading in to the next legislative session, especially when his poll numbers in the presidential race are even lower than Elizabeth Warren's DNA test results.
Lookin' At You Libertarians...Rand to Montana
You might have missed this buried inside the big announcement that Donald Trump, Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle will be doing a big pre-election barnstorming tour across Montana: also making the visit is Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). Why is this significant? Let me explain.
Colorado Senator Campaigning for Rosendale
We’re excited to have Senator Gardner join us on the campaign trail,” said Matt Rosendale. “Cory understands how important it is that we have another U.S. Senator back in Washington who votes with Montanans and President Trump – and not with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi…
Molnar's Political Column: Slandered, Libeled
This all stems from the 1994 U.S. Supreme Court ruling entitled “New York Times v Sullivan”. In this case Sullivan, a city commissioner, sued the New York Times for $500,000 because they printed an ad containing minor errors and exaggerated claims against him.
Another Strong Pick for the Department of Interior
When it comes to defending the rights of Westerners, Wyoming attorney Karen Budd-Falen is one of the best radio guests you can ask for. Not only that, she's one of the best advocates you could ask for to serve inside the US Department of Interior.
More Grizzlies than Lewis and Clark Days?
When US District Judge Dana Christensen in Missoula, an Obama appointee, made the decision to block the grizzly hunt planned for this Fall in Wyoming, it was a political decision, not a scientific one. And Terry Anderson with the Bozeman- based Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) has the…
Click Here: Ticket Info for Trump Rally in Missoula
Details of President Trump's rally in Missoula, Montana are now confirmed. The president will headline a rally in support of Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale at 630 PM Thursday night at Neptune Aviation.
Kavanaugh Sworn In, Rosendale Rallies in Billings
On the stage alongside Rosendale was Judge Russ Fagg, Rosendale's former primary election opponent. Fagg says he proudly endorses Rosendale for the US Senate, and touted Judge Kavanaugh's credentials for the bench.