The Riverfront Triangle project at the site of the old Fox Theater in Missoula is getting a major boost from a local business group who are helping make the $100 million project a reality.

Ward Three Missoula City Councilor Gwen Jones was on Talk Back on Tuesday and provided some details.

“We have a great development group, Farren Co.,” said Jones. “These are local developers who have worked on it for the past few years, and they had the option. They got it up to a certain level. It was a big project. It’s the next level for Missoula and it’s truly a game changer, so getting someone to buy into the whole project was hard.”

Jones outlined some of the particulars for the project.

“It will be a hotel,” she said. “It will be a 10-story building with seven stories of hotel, three stories of condos at the top, a parking garage, a convention center, but that will be tweaked a little bit to go a little bit more into the performing arts direction, so there’s even more multi-use. There will be retail, business office and housing.”

Jones said the Checota family of Missoula is the driving force behind the final piece of the development puzzle.

“We’ve got a local developer who is coming in as a major partner,” she said. “Nick Checota and his wife Robin through Stonefly, LLC, I think that’s the name of their partnership, and they’re going to handle a big chunk of it. I think if you’re familiar with Nick Checota and his projects in Missoula, he gets stuff done, he does a very good job and he knows what he’s doing.”

The Missoula City Council will be meeting to discuss the project on Wednesday.

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