18 year-old Preston Rossbach, accused of taking part in a double homicide at a downtown motel on October 18, was arraigned via video in Missoula District Court on Tuesday morning.

Deputy County Attorney Jordan Kilby explained what happened at Rossbach’s court appearance before District Judge Karen Townsend.

“It was his scheduled arraignment,” said Kilby. “The court asked him if he wanted her (Judge Townsend) to review his rights and he waived the reading of his rights and entered not guilty pleas and an omnibus hearing was set for six weeks from today. Currently, Mr. Rossbach is charged with two counts of deliberate homicide, or in the alternative, two counts of attempted deliberate homicide.”

Kilby recounted the known facts of the case.

“Three individuals entered room 228 of the motel and shot and killed two people and injured another,” she said. “One of the deceased was also stabbed and the survivor was also stabbed, so we know that involved in the incident were firearms and a knife. Law enforcement quickly located them and brought them in for an interview, and then the other suspect Jonathan Whitworth was located two days later.”

Kilby said investigators are nearly finished recreating the crime scene to determine which suspects shot and stabbed which victims.

One alleged witness to the murders, 18 year-old Labenza Dawn Charlo, was apprehended in Ronan, charged with drug offenses and released on her own recognizance.

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