Getting outside is a staple of summer, and that's the idea behind this year's 27th Annual Bitterroot Brewfest; enjoying time spent outdoors in the sun with like-minded neighbors.

Credit: Daly Mansion / Canva
Credit: Daly Mansion / Canva

Every year since 1995, friends and family have been coming together in Hamilton to enjoy brews, food, and each other. This year's venue is no stranger to the event (or to Bitterroot visitors) - The Daly Mansion.

This year's event will be on Saturday, July 30th

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Coinciding with this year's Brewfest will be this year's Daly Days - a yearly festival of western re-enactments, plenty of activities for kids and living history booths brought to you on the grounds of the Daly Mansion.

Credit: Daly Mansion
Credit: Daly Mansion

Tea anyone? Volunteer re-enactors will be on site to churn handmade ice cream and bake fresh bread during Daly Days.

Ticket prices for this year's Daly Days are as follows:

  • $15 for adults
  • $14 for seniors and veterans
  • $8 for youth (17 and younger)
  • Kids 5 and under get in free

Daly Days will begin at 1pm and run until 5pm. You can visit the Daly Mansion's website for more.

TAP HERE for a map of Daly Days activities

The Brewfest will be on the grounds of the Daly Mansion for a second consecutive year, organized by the Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Credit: Bitterroot Brewfest via Facebook
Credit: Bitterroot Brewfest via Facebook

A foursome of brew-lovers in Hamilton at the 2019 event

Some of the local Montana brands that will be present:

In addition to the brews that are true to Montana, lotsa of delicious foodstuffs will be there (stuffing your face goes pretty well with brews, too!)

A Full List Of Brewfest Vendors Is HERE

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