Three men and a woman in their 20’s were all arrested in a major drug bust on Thursday.

The Missoula Drug Task Force executed the arrests in which 20 year-old Matthew Bray, 25 year-old Sage McKenna, and 27 year-old Jordan Monroe were taken into custody.

Matthew Bray

At his Missoula Justice Court appearance on Friday, Deputy Missoula County Attorney James McCubbin asked judge Landee Holloway for $250,000 bond for Bray due to the sheer amount of drugs and the fact that he was actively distributing the drug.  In addition, Bray was accused of felony criminal child endangerment for having a child present during the drug transactions.

“I know that in addition to the very serious nature of the offenses, this defendant just pled guilty on Tuesday to possession of heroin and the state is withdrawing from the plea agreement on that case,” said McCubbin. “In that prior case, we had to extradite him twice from Washington State. He informed officers that he had relatives in both Alaska and Hawaii and he had considered fleeing to either of those locations. Your honor, the total amount of heroin that he confessed to distributing and possessing is over 100 grams, which equals over 1,000 doses of heroin.”

McCubbin said Bray sold heroin to his half-brother, Jordan Monroe and to Sage McKenna.

Jordan Monroe

During his court appearance, McCubbin asked Judge Holloway to increase Monroe’s bail amount for violating his probation, in addition to both possessing and distributing heroin, so the judge increased his bail to $100,000 on the probation violation and then set bail at $100,000 on the new drug charges, with the two bail amounts to run consecutively.

Sage McKenna

McCubbin asked Judge Holloway for $50,000 bail for McKenna.

“I note that this is the defendant’s second felony case,” he said. “She has an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in the first case which led to her arrest yesterday. She had 45 grams of heroin in her possession. So this is approximately 450 doses of heroin that she was carrying. She is tied in with a drug trafficking organization that’s been distributing large amounts of heroin, and we consider her to be a flight risk and a danger to society.”

Judge Holloway set bail at $50,000 and remanded her back to the jail.

Tyler Schmoker was charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs and according to jail records his bond was set at $25,000.

If any of the defendants were able to bond out of jail, they would immediately be placed in Pretrial Supervision.


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