25 year-old Amy Johnson, the woman who was caught speeding down the wrong way on I-90 and was apprehended with a meth needle still in her arm, was in court again on Wednesday from another drug-related  incident that occurred on Halloween.

Deputy County Attorney Brittany Santorno asked Judge Landee Holloway for $250,000 bail to run concurrent with the $250,000 bail already set from Johnson's last appearance in early December.

"This defendant has two other co-defendants who were all found in a motel room with four-plus grams of methamphetamine and four-plus grams of heroin found on one of the defendant's person," Santorno said. "There was over $4,500 in cash. A probation search of the room also found 12 additional grams of heroin."

Santorno said even more evidence was found in Johnson's possession.

"Ms. Johnson consented to a search of her bag where scales and dozens of baggies were found," she said. "Cars were seized and search warrants were subsequently issued. Inside the car were 59 grams of heroin, 41 grams of meth and over $11,000 in cash, as well as two loaded handguns. This defendant was the one who had all the distribution paraphernalia and thus she is charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute. She already has $250,000 bail set in two other cases, and after a car chase down the wrong side of the freeway, we're asking for a $250,000 bail amount to be concurrent with the other bail amounts."

Judge Holloway set the concurrent bail at $250,000 and returned Johnson to the jail. She will make another appearance on December 28.

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