28 year-old Casey Cliff Doney is in the Missoula County Jail after allegedly beating, strangling and attempting to gouge an eye out of his female partner.

According to court documents, when Missoula Police arrived at the residence on Cooley Street, the victim, Jane Doe’s sweatshirt was soaked in fresh blood. Her face was covered with blood and one eye was swollen shut. She said the defendant slammed her head against a door repeatedly when she attempted to flee, and that she could no longer see out of her right eye, and was afraid she would lose her vision.

Doney has been charged with felony aggravated assault, strangulation, and unlawful restraint.

Doney appeared via video from the Missoula County Jail before Judge David Steele. Deputy Missoula County Attorney Mark Handelman described the charges.

“The State will be recommending a bail of $50,000 in this matter,” began Handelman. “This case began with the defendant drinking and getting into a fight with his girlfriend over her son and her son’s father. The defendant bit the victim and then began striking her and he eventually tried to gouge her eye out, as well.”

Handelman said the victim attempted to flee but was stopped by the defendant.

“When she attempted to get away, he grabbed her and banged her head against the door repeatedly, loud enough so that neighbors heard her calls for help. We do consider him a threat to the community and ask bail to be set at $50,000.”

The public defender at the jail asked the judge to release Doney on his own recognizance, or that bail be set much lower as the defendant had no job and little money.

Judge Steele set bail at $30,000 and remanded Doney back to the Missoula County Jail. His next court appearance will be in mid December.

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