After a long hiatus, the traditional 4th of July music and fireworks show will return to Missoula’s Southgate Mall.

General Manager Tim Winger said the celebration will be bigger and better than ever.

“All the construction is getting close to being completely done and now we have our parking lot and the area where we shoot the fireworks back,” said Winger. “We’re going to have a bit more of a festival for that night.”

Winger said the new owners of the mall were behind the expanded celebration.

“They came to us and said let’s so something on a bigger scale, so we got to work. First Interstate Bank is going to be partnering with us. The mall will close and six and we will begin at about 7:00 p.m. with a couple of bands, there’ll be food trucks and a beer garden and lots of activities for people to do, and we’re really excited about the day.”

Winger said the Missoula City Band will perform until dark and then the fireworks will begin.

He said the owners of the mall have arranged for the fireworks show to last an additional six minutes to add to the ‘Fourth Fest’

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