You can say what you want about Missoula, because those of us who live here? We'll say worse. Here's a bunch of reasons why no one should EVER move to Missoula.

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    The Craft Beer Selection Is Too Much to Handle

    It's pretty easy to see that Missoula has lots of beer to choose from, with a huge variety made here locally. Why on earth would you want all of those choices? Life is so easy going to the same ol' can of beer that you once stole from your old man. Too many choices can complicate everything.

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    Looking at Nature Gets Old After a While

    When you wake up and walk outside to see the beautiful views of Montana it's great. But after you've seen it a few times, it's no different than the day before. You might as well just keep on moving to see other beautiful sites around the country. Really, seeing mountains and rivers are fun but you can look those up online.

    Tan Curtis, Townsquare Media
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    Seeing and Doing EVERYTHING is Exhausting

    If you only like to hike, walk, or bike a little bit, you might want to find another place to live. The summer is full of just one 5k and marathon after another, there are more beautiful mountain trails than you can count, and don't get me started on winter--you might have to drive a whole 25 minutes to hit the slopes at Snowbowl!

    Nicole Wren TSM
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    No One Can Make It to Every Concert

    With venues like the Big Sky Brewing Co., The Wilma, The Top Hat, The Roxy Theatre, The Adams Center, The Dennison Theatre, the new Kettlehouse Amphitheater and lots more you would think there were a lot of shows in Missoula, and you would be right. There is no way one person could go to every show every Friday night in Missoula.

    KettleHouse Amphitheater from the stage
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    There Is No Olive Garden

    With every business closing in Missoula the idea always gets tossed around but never happens and we aren't getting an Olive Garden anytime soon. So if you crave that salad dressing or those delicious bread sticks Missoula in not the place for you.

    Bloomberg via Getty Images