32 year-old Brett Candelaria was arrested on Thursday morning after allegedly beating, kicking and strangling his girlfriend to the point of unconsciousness several times.

Candelaria was charged with two felonies, aggravated assault, criminal endangerment and misdemeanor partner or family member assault. Court documents indicate that Candelaria and his girlfriend were staying in a local motel, when he allegedly knocked her down, kicked her, stood on her chest, beat her with his fists and strangled her into unconsciousness numerous times. The victim told a medical attendant that she feared for her life.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Selene Koepke asked Judge Lindee Holloway for a high bail.

"In this case, the State is recommending a bail amount of $50,000," Koepke said. "The State is alleging that the defendant punched the victim in the face, kicked her and strangled her unconscious four to five times. At the hospital where she was examined, her whole body was covered in bruises with particularly dark bruises around her throat. She also had a large bump on her temple and blood in her mouth. The State believes that the seriousness and brutality of the assault warrants a high bail."

Judge Holloway agreed, and set bail at $50,000. Candelaria's next court appearance will be August 4.

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