It was a year ago today that rioters stormed the US capitol in a decidedly confused effort to stop the results of the US election from going through. So naturally, there's been a lot of news coverage today looking back on it.

KPAX has a good article detailing some of what has happened with the rioters in the year since the storming of the capitol occurred. In it, they mention that four rioters died during the event, 138 police officers were injured, and so far, 738 people have been charged for taking part in the riot on January 6th, 2021.

They're still not done working to find as many people as possible who took part in the riot, and the government is expecting to charge even more people well into 2022. Which means these numbers may just be the beginning.

6 Montanans Have Been Charged During the Past Year For Their Part in the Riots

Of the 738 people that have been charged so far, six of them have been from Montana, ranging from all different parts of the state: two from Helena, two from Dillon, one from Bozeman, and one from Missoula. Most of them will have a status conference regarding their charges sometime this month.

If you want to learn more about each of the individuals charged, you can check out KPAX's article for all the information. It's possible that a few more people from Montana will be charged before it's all over, so keep checking the news for the latest updates on the matter.

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