At about 3:15 Tuesday afternoon, Missoula Police received a report that an adult female was sleeping in her car while the car was running. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“The complainant stated that the woman had seemingly fell asleep,” Welsh said. “He had gone out and woke her up once. She was waiting for some food at a restaurant in that location, but she had fallen back asleep. The complainant also said that there was something that was just not right about her, that she appeared to be suffering the affects of either some kind of medical condition or possibly alcohol.”

Welsh says officers quickly arrived at the parking lot in the 2000 block of West Broadway.

“The officer arrived on the scene along with fire and EMS,” Welsh said. “She was checked out medically and the officer began an investigation into DUI. At the end of that investigation, 70-year-old Nancy McCoy was arrested for felony DUI. She is a Missoula resident.”

According to Welsh, McCoy was just arrested for DUI a few days ago as well. She was charged with DUI on Friday, February 1. The incident on Tuesday was her fourth or subsequent offense, which lead to the felony charge.

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