After living for years now, I love it here, I truly enjoy being here over any other place I have lived. Most people are friendly, there is lots to do in the area, and it helps that this area is so dog friendly. Just like most places in the world there are a few things that people in Missoula should stop doing to make themselves happier.

Here is my list of 8 things that people in Missoula need to stop doing.

  • Francesco Cura
    Francesco Cura

    Not Using A Turn Signal

    I'm not sure what it is about Missoula, but I'm convinced people are afraid to use their turn signal. This simple thing can keep people safe, and avoid huge headaches like dealing with insurance companies after tickets or accidents. Not to mention it's just being courteous.

  • chat9780

    Stop Cutting People Off On Russell St.

    Everyone who has driven northbound on Russell Street in Missoula knows exactly where I am talking about. The two northbound lanes that merge to one near Diamond Bar meats, it is notorious for people to sneak a few cars ahead by being a jerk, don't be that jerk!

  • zstockphotos

    Drinking and Driving

    This is not the 1960's anymore when it was no big deal to drive down a road with a beer, lots of people are losing their lives every year. And with UBER, Taxi's, or lots of other options there is no excuse for drinking and driving anymore.

  • Aidon

    Stop Littering

    This is our home, this is where we live. Take some pride in the place you call home, and don't leave our town a mess. Just clean up after yourself, especially when you are getting off the river!

  • hemeroskopion

    Not Shopping Local

    There are so many tremendous businesses in our area, visit some of these local shops and see all the great things they have to offer. It will make you feel much better knowing you're helping your neighbors instead of some rich corporate guys.

  • rrvachov

    Not Going To Concerts

    If we want to see bigger name acts coming to Missoula we have to show support for the smaller acts that come through town. One thing is certain, venues in Missoula are getting better about bringing us great shows!

  • Lisa F. Young
    Lisa F. Young

    Texting and Driving

    Most people would prefer texting over a phone call. That can be so dangerous when you're behind the wheel. Just remember that you are putting your life at risk, plus all the people around you. Unless you can deal with the stress of taking someones life over a message, just wait until you arrive at your destination.

  • Clint Spencer
    Clint Spencer

    Getting Mad At Social Media

    It doesn't matter whether it is friends talking politics or getting too many game requests, it's not worth getting mad over. There are so many more important things than what people are posting about. Don't swear the small stuff!

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