I know Montanans are sharply divided over the issue of funding the war in Ukraine.

Conservatives are also divided over funding the war effort, especially as Joe Biden's disastrous foreign policy risks drawing the US into a full blown nuclear war (in Joe Biden's own words). We also fully believe that if Donald Trump were still the President of the United States- he would have prevented Russia from invading Ukraine through "peace through strength" diplomacy.

That being said, I have to say why I disagree with conservatives like Fox News host Tucker Carlson and our friend John Jackson via Twitter. They've rightly asked a good question- why would Putin blow up his own pipeline? They think it is absurd to believe that Putin would blow up his own pipeline.

I actually can think of very legitimate reasons as to why Putin WOULD blow up his own pipeline. For one, he never cared about the pipeline anyway- he cares about restoring the former Soviet Union. Two, he'd rather get NATO and the Americans fighting each other and bickering amongst each other as the "who blew up the pipeline" game continues. The Russians could use the very video Biden bragging about how he could shut down the pipeline as evidence to fracture the US/European relationship.

I'd use a Montana election angle to make the point.

It's the same reason why Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) and the Democrats are propping up the Libertarian candidate in the Western Montana Congressional race, and the same reason why the Democrats are propping up a so-called Independent candidate in the Eastern Montana Congressional race. Jon Tester wants to get conservatives, Libertarians, and independents fighting each other in 2022 because Jon Tester is afraid of 2024. He's afraid that Matt Rosendale and/or Ryan Zinke (the Republican candidates for Congress in the East and West) will challenge him in 2024, so that's why he wants to take part in the chaos in 2022- even if it means that the Democrats lose another major election.

The Democrats have used a Libertarian candidate to help get Democrats elected in the past, and they're doing the same thing once again this cycle.

Did Putin blow up his own pipeline? Either way, we as Montanans care more about who blew up OUR pipeline and stopped construction on the Keystone XL pipeline.

Update from original post: By the way, I mentioned John Jackson- here's his take on why Putin DID NOT blow up the pipeline. He makes some great points also.

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