Looking for a good way to open 2012? How about getting all the best apps for the iPhone from 2011?

Alright, I may be a little behind the curve, but I just got the Iphone 4 and I am nothing short of in love with it. I've owned plenty of iPods before but this is truly a great device. The first thing I did was check out what cool apps and games I could get.

For Apple, they seperate themselves from the competition in the apps department. They are certainly not lacking in great apps and games as there are many that come out every day! How do you find all these amazing creations? Fear not! The casual customers who aren't all that familiar with Apple should rejoice because there is hope of finding information you need. Not only are they fun and helpful, but every app on this list is free!

I stumbled across this article while researching and because of it, my iPhone is now at full memory. This is the first time I've used techradar.com, but it definitely won't be the last! Happy app hunting!