It's actually an idea that's been in the works for quite a number of years. But the plan of expanding Currents Aquatic Center into a much larger recreation center has recently been picking up steam. The last bit of news on the subject was in February when the Parks and Recreation Board approved the concept designs. That was a pretty big step at the time. And with the latest news, it looks like we can check off another box on the road to the project becoming a reality.

The City Council says "me likey!"

If you're not up to speed on the plan, the project would add about 60,000 square feet to the existing Currents building and the Currents Center for Recreation and Creativity would offer a gym with basketball courts, a community ballroom, classrooms, a childcare facility, an outdoor performance area, and more. Consider the park that already exists next to Currents and the area will have a little bit of everything when it comes to activities! As the next step in the process, the Missoula City Council has approved the conceptual drawings and will keep the forward momentum going with the project.

You can read more about the backstory of the project as well as more details about what the finished designs will consist of in an article from the Missoula Current. In it, parks director Donna Gaukler had the following to say about how the facility is unlike anything else in Missoula:

Yes, the public library is a physical space that works as a community center, but it’s an intellectual community center. And the Zootown Arts community center is a media arts nonprofit. This community center is about physical activity and engagement.

Show me the money!

Well then, now that everyone had decided they like the drawings of the Currents Center for Recreation and Creativity, one of the upcoming meetings will have to address where the $44.5 million to build the project will come from. But we can save that conversation for another day!

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