Thanks to the help of I think I have found the smallest town in the state of Montana. When I was trying to find this information I had to put in a few specific details like all towns over 1,000 people are all excluded. When looking at only population, I found there was a tie for the smallest town both coming in with a population of 203: Dixon, MT and Froid, MT.

Dixon is located a little less than one hour Northwest from Missoula. Froid is almost ten hours away in the Northeast corner of the state.

There is a another small town that made the list that is even closer to Missoula: coming in at #8 was nearby Huson, MT.

I know I am not the only person that loves visiting small towns in Montana. Although you know the old saying: don't blink or you might just miss it. :)


    Big Sky View of Tarkio!