After a man and woman were shot to death in a cabin outside Lolo in January, the third person involved in the incident has been charged with felony theft and evidence tampering.

Chief Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks said he filed the charges this week against Anthony Mark Vallier.

"Sheriff's Deputies responded to that cabin out near Lolo to investigate a report of shots fired," Marks began. "Inside the cabin, they found Tanya Gilliam and Bradley Stover both deceased from a single gunshot wound each. The other man who was in the cabin, Anthony Mark Vallier, was taken into custody. He told detectives that he and Gilliam had been drinking heavily that day, discussing buying a gun from Mr. Stover."

Marks outlined the details of the double shooting.

"Seemingly out of nowhere, Mr. Stover discharged the handgun that struck and  killed Ms. Gilliam," he said. "Mr. Valier said he attempted to wrestle the gun away from Mr. Stover and in the course of that struggle, a single shot was fired that killed Mr. Stover. Detectives did not find any evidence to contradict that version of events, although they are still waiting for some reports from the Montana State Crime Lab."

Marks said the investigation continued, resulting in Vallier's arrest this week.

"As the investigation progressed, it was discovered that a significant amount of cash that Mr. Stover was reported to have on his person was missing, and that Mr. Valier, who lives on a very limited income, had deposited a very large sum of money just three days after the shooting," he said. "He had taken the cash out of Mr. Stover's pocket after he was killed and subsequently deposited it. He is facing two felony counts of theft and evidence tampering, and is currently free on pretrial supervision. His arraignment in District Court is scheduled for April 11."


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