The Montana DPHHS confirmed on Monday evening that another Missoula County resident, a male in his 20’s, was confirmed to have tested positive for COVID 19.

Another Montana resident, a woman, also in her 20’s from Yellowstone County, also tested positive,

According to a press release from the Montana DPHHS:

‘The tests, conducted by the DPHHS Public Health Laboratory, were confirmed Monday evening. State and local public health laboratories are no longer required to send “presumptive positive” samples to CDC for confirmation. From now on, respiratory samples positive for SARS-CoV2 in a state and public-health laboratory will be considered “positive” with no need for further testing.

 DPHHS and the local county health departments are immediately following up to learn more details about the two individual’s exposure risk, travel history, and to identify and communicate with anyone who may have been in close contact with the patients.’

All patients who test positive will be isolated or quarantined, and those who came in contact with them will be monitored for the next two weeks for fever or respiratory symptoms, per CDC guidance.

For the number of tests conducted on a daily basis, visit this link.


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