Last month, Attorney General Tim Fox formed a Sexual Assault Evidence Task Force to look at issues with evidence collected in rape kits that accumulate over time. Fox said he’s finalized his team in hopes of becoming more efficient at investigating sexual assaults in Montana.

"What we want to do is be proactive," Fox said. "We want to make sure that going forward, we have policies and procedures in place so that these kits don't accumulate. Certainly if there are kits that need to be analyzed, we want to determine what ones need to be analyzed and how we are going to do that."

Fox said he has appointed the final two members of the task force.

"The two that we've just added are Allanna Sherstad, Director of the Voice Center at Montana State University. She brings a campus component to this task force because of the issue of sexual assaults on campuses," Fox said. "And Debbie Mulcahy who is a certified sexual assault nurse from the Kalispell area. She will bring her profession and her view point to this task force."

Fox hopes that by mid-2016, the task force will have come to some resolution and plan on how to go forward and have any unresolved issues taken care of.