This will probably be the hottest week of the year, and the Missoula City County Health Department is ready for information and tips to stay cool and healthy.

Registered Nurse Brad Applegate said the obvious plan is for everyone to stay as cool as possible.

“The most important things is to find a way to stay as cool as possible in the heat of the day,” began Applegate. “If you have air conditioning that’s a good place to hang out in the heat of the day, and if you don’t head to a public place like the mall or the public library, or somewhere you know that has air conditioning. Staying hydrated is also very important and what that means is not only drinking water but something that contains electrolytes to maintain your fluid balance.”

Applegate said to guard against sunburn and to watch out for symptoms of heatstroke.

“When you get sunburned you can actually remove your body’s ability to dump some heat,” he said. “Heatstroke is really the most serious heat-related illness, and that is certainly a 9-1-1 emergency. You’ll have an extremely high body temperature, like 104 degrees, your skin can be red, dry or moist, and if you have a rapid weak pulse you probably have heat exhaustion, but when that pulse gets stronger you’re looking at heatstroke.”

Applegate said very young children, older people and those who are heavy are at greater danger from the hot weather.


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