Photo courtesy of Christina Lefler

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders was in Missoula today, May 11, calling for a “Political Revolution.” Sanders began his comments in Caras Park with a word most Presidential primary candidates never get around to saying: Missoula!

Sanders admitted he was fighting an uphill battle for delegates, but that he would be the best choice to defeat Donald Trump in a general election. Sanders called for Missoulians to vote him during their primary on June 7 and asked all delegates, to focus on beating Trump.

Sanders stressed the issue economic inequality throughout his speech and contrasted himself with primary opponent Hillary Clinton by re iterating his plea for a $15 an hour minimum wage as opposed to the $12 an hour wage Clinton has called for in the past. He also called for a "revolution" in mental health care.

In closing his speech that lasted well over 90 minutes, Sanders started the refrain 'not good enough' over several key issues in his campaign.

"People are asking why we have a proliferation of millionaires and billionaires, and we have the highest rate of child poverty of almost any country on earth..not good enough," he shouted. "People are asking why women are only making 79 cents for every dollar a man makes...not good enough! People are asking, how does it happen that we remain the only major country on earth not to guarantee healthcare to all people, as a right, and the crowd roared not good enough!"

Sanders left the podium to a standing ovation to the thousands who had come to Caras Park. He is now on his way to Billings for an appearance at Metra Park, and then on to South Dakota on Thursday.