With the leak from the Supreme Court on revisiting Roe v. Wade, Joe Biden has now labeled conservative Americans or Make America Great Again supporters the most radical extremist group in recent American History.

The New York Times tells us 60.6% of you Montana voters out there in Yellowstone County voted Trump in 2020. So, Biden's talking about you.

Keep in mind the history of the Democratic Party but that's for a different day.

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What makes this group radically extreme:

First of all, this group believes that you should not kill young babies, beautiful young babies that are human beings. How could you people not celebrate that?

Number two: The conservative extremists believe in balanced budgets with fiscal responsibility. Are you freakin' nuts?

Number three: How could radical nut jobs not embrace 2 million people crossing our southern border last month, are you crazy?

Number four: A woman should be able to make her own medical decisions but hey, you Trumpers bend over and get your COVID shot or you're fired.

Number five: If we could just keep police in the cities of America, we would be a much better place to live. Come on man. That's nonsense.

Number six: Conservatives don't think as soon as we all have electric cars, the weather will change and we will never have any fluctuations in temperature, rainfall, hurricane, and tornado strength. Now that's extreme thinking.

You crazy right-wing extremists are ruining our country and we are so lucky to have level-headed common sense liberals in charge, running this country.

As soon as we can make this a one-party system with no electoral college and a 17-member supreme court things like this won't ever happen again and give you right-wing radical extremists hope.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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