We've seen a lot of pettiness and hate directed at President Donald Trump over the past 5 years, but this is just beyond petty.

As our friend George Blackard shared with us on the radio on Friday, a Democrat congressman has introduced a bill that would block "twice impeached" presidents from being able to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

That's right, it wouldn't block once impeached presidents from burial at Arlington, but only twice impeached presidents. And of course there is only one president who has been impeached twice due to the Trump Derangement Syndrome that occupied Congressional Democrats in Washington- President Trump.

As The Washington Examiner reports:

Introduced in late January, H.R. 484, dubbed the "No Glory for Hate Act," would "prohibit the use of Federal funds for the commemoration of certain former Presidents," namely those that have faced impeachment proceedings from the House on two separate occasions. The bill would also restrict the use of government funding to "create or display any symbol, monument, or statue commemorating" a twice-impeached president, and it would bar the naming or redesignation of any federal building or land after commander In chiefs in question.

The Examiner notes that the bill is sponsored by California Democrat Rep. Linda Sanchez.

When George mentioned this to me on the radio, my first reaction was how this is just beyond petty. I added: Look, if you want to block politicians from being buried at Arlington that's one thing. We are running out of space at Arlington after all. But let's block politicians no matter which political party they belong to.

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