You know him as "Snerdley"- Bo Snerdley. His real name, of course, is James Golden- the other golden voice alongside talk show great Rush Limbaugh.

Like many of you, Golden spent 30 years alongside Rush Limbaugh. He just had a better seat, as he likes to describe it. Golden joined us on the radio in Montana and talked about Thanksgiving last year, which would be Rush's last.

James Golden: Last year this time I remember it very well. Rush was delivering what would be his last Thanksgiving talk with his audience. And he spoke about how lucky he was. He compared himself to Lou Gehrig-saying he understood how Lou Gehrig felt when he said he was the luckiest man on earth- even facing the terminal illness. And that was Rush's message last year during the last Thanksgiving that he was able to share with us. And it was inspiring. It was profound. But yeah, there's a bit of sadness. And of course I miss Rush every day as so many people do. I like to tell people, you know, I'm a fan just like everyone else. I just had a better seat. My seat was in the studio with him.

We also talked about Snerdley's incredible radio career. He actually started on the radio doing R&B music. We talked about how the Left is constantly trying to create racial divisions in America, and why we are still optimistic about America.

James Golden (aka Bo Snerdley): Can I give you one reason why I'm still optimistic about America?We are a very, very young country still. We've had amazing-the American trajectory in the world is amazing. In less than 300 years we've become a superpower. But let's remember folks, we live in a world where recorded history goes back 1000s and 1000s of years. And what has America done?We have come to be the nation that is still the light of the world, regardless of how these times appear. And our nation is still a young nation.Our best days are in front of us. We are going to grow. We have continued to grow, and as long as we conservatives andwe that love this country, and that hold on and cherish what this country is continue to move forward with the ideals of freedom, of liberty, we will prevail. We have a long way to go as in history. And America is just still getting started.

If you haven't seen it yet, his book is now out: "Rush on the Radio."

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