They never stopped serving our wounded warriors, even during the pandemic. From fly fishing near Bozeman to ice fishing near Malta, Warriors & Quiet Waters actually expanded their operational footprint during the pandemic.

Colonel Brian Gilman (USMC, Retired) most recently served as Chief of Staff for Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC). He now serves as the Executive Director for Warriors & Quiet Waters (WQW), which is based in Bozeman. Colonel Gilman (L) along with Emily Sather (R) joined Aaron Flint (c) in our radio studios to give Montanans an update on Warriors & Quiet Waters (photo featured above).

GILMAN: This year we're doing more programs than we've ever done before. We're doing 26 programs this year, serving 202 veterans, so about a 36% increase over anything that we've ever done.

They made a couple other stops in Billings as well, according to the news update they shared on LinkedIn:

They stopped at the Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 10, so Brian and Emily could visit Ed Saunders and other members of DAV Chapter 10 to personally thank them for their $25,000 donation that helped sponsor FX-3.

Next, Brian and Emily met up with WQW's National Advisory Board Member AshLee Strong and Red Oxx's Corporate Sales Manager Christian Hafer. We're so excited to be partnering with Red Oxx for some upcoming events. Stay tuned!

Here's the full audio of the conversation with Brian Gilman and Emily Sather from our podcast page:

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