I'd like to take a few moments to talk about a topic which I believe we must change to see a president who is truly respected. When the primary race heats up, there are often ads that are run which are less than flattering about the candidates.

They often say things that make the candidate look like a cruel person or someone who cares about only themselves.   I understand that part of the process of earning the vote is proving that your candidate is better than the other, but these ads often shine a bad light on the next president. This means that more than likely, those who did not vote for the president may not give them the respect or support they deserve.

I believe these ads must change and the way the candidates are seen will change as well. For example, when you are writing a resume for a job interview, you are encouraged to provide what you have done well or believe your skills are. It's not about what the next person did wrong. It's not about a choice they made which was unpopular. The bottom line is, everyone makes mistakes, that is partly what makes us human. The key is that we need to do our best to keep campaigns positive about their candidate and not negative about the competition.

I may be looking at this with rose colored glasses, but I believe if we do this we will see more voting for presidents because of what they have done right, not voting against them for what they have done wrong. Do you agree? Let me know how you feel. Maybe you can help me see something I have missed before.

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