The winter won't let loose of the Bitterroot National Forest. The forest has closed Canyon Creek Road 735 west of Hamilton due to snow and spring melting, which is causing excessive runoff and soft road surfaces. Tod McKay of the Bitterroot Forest said that to avoid expensive repairs and possible road failure, officials have closed the road. Canyon Creek Road splits from Blodgett Creek Road and is among many forest roads that are unsuitable for travel during this time of year. McKay asked motorists to respect the signs and road barriers.

Bitterroot Forest Supervisor Matt Anderson said, "It's that time of year when some roads are closed for short periods of time due to spring break-up. The Forest can experience damage to roads when people are trying to get out early to explore or gather firewood when road conditions are at their worst. We will continue to monitor conditions and re-open closed roads as soon as conditions improve."

Hazardous conditions can develop quickly from rising water and the condition of a road can't be determined when moving water is crossing it. It might already be washed out. If you find yourself on a soft road, turn around! The Bitterroot National Forest frequently updates the conditions at their Facebook page.

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