Last year there were so many smiling faces at this event,  it's back this year bigger and better! It's a fun time for both kids and adults so don't miss Celebrity Night in Missoula coming up.

The Destination Missoula Sports Commission is hosting the 2nd annual benefit that brings our local heroes home for one fun-filled, family-friendly night. The event is FREE at Fort Missoula but they will have autograph posters for sale and other things that may cost money so make sure you bring a few bucks with you. It's for a good cause, I have been to many school sporting events and other things that were helped and put on with the help of the Missoula Sports Commission. A great resource for boosting the Missoula and surrouning areas economy.
Beginning June 16th, you can pick up a FREE autograph poster for celebrities to sign at  Missoula and Hamilton Opportunity Bank branches. Branches to visit are:
Missoula Downtown – 200 N Higgins Ave, 59802
Missoula Reserve – 1510 S Reserve St, 59801
Missoula HLD – 2800 S Reserve St, 59801
Hamilton – 711 S First Street, 59840

From 5:30 - 9 PM there will be multiple things going on. There are clinics, games and autographs with these great celebs and you will  get to meet them personally and mingle throughout the night! Great food, beverages and crazy celebrity games are in store at the Fort Missoula Regional Park. Also there will be some clinics going on that will be beneficial to many children to participate in and athletes that spectate.

Here is a list of some of the great celebrities/athletes that will be attending!

  1. Barry Darrow                     Cleveland Browns                                         
  2. Ben Roberts                       Tennessee Titans                                           
  3. Blaine McElmurry             Green Bay Packers                                          
  4. Bobby Hauck                      UM/San Diego State Coach                        
  5. Brian Qvale                         EWE Baskets Oldenburg                             
  6. Chase Reynolds                Los Angeles Rams                                     
  7. Brian Salonen                    Dallas Cowboys                                               
  8. Dylan McFarland              Buffalo Bills                                                        
  9. Jimmy Farris                       New England Patriots                                  
  10. Jordy Tripp                          Green Bay Packers                                         
  11. Justin Green                      Baltimore Ravens                                            
  12. Levi Horn                             Chicago Bears                                                  
  13. Marty Mornhinweg        Baltimore Ravens                                             
  14. Marv Sunderland             NFL Scout                                                            
  15. Mick Delaney                     UM Coach                                                          
  16. Mike Tilleman                    Atlanta Falcons                                                
  17. Robin Selvig                        UM Lady Griz Coach                                      
  18. Shann Schillinger              Atlanta Falcons                                                 
  19. Tim Hauck                           Philadelphia Eagles                                      
  20. Tyler Barham                     Nashville Singer/Songwriter                       
  21. Zack Wagenmann            Arizona Cardinals                                            
  22. Marc Mariani                     Tennessee Titans                                           
  23. Brandon Fisher                 Los Angeles Rams Coach                             
  24. Colt Anderson                   Buffalo Bills                                                        
  25. Guy Bingham                     New York Jets     

All I know is I am asking some fantasy football tips! I will be hosting the event and hope to see you plus I will have some tunes as well.


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