Monday Morning, demolition of Franklin Elementary School began as a part of the eighty-eight million dollar bond to revamp Missoula elementary schools. Missoula County Public School District One spokeswoman, Hatton Littman described the scene as the century old building was taken down.

"Well Franklin Elementary School was slated for demolition," Littman said. "A tractor with a hand like ball in front was literally grabbing pieces of the building and pulling it apart. I think we all were expecting a wrecking ball"

A crowd came to watch as a wrecking crew destroyed all but the gym of Franklin Elementary on the year of its 100th anniversary. Although the building is no more, there are still cherished memories, and a few bricks.

"There were certainly people with fond memories of the site who were sad to see it go," Littman said. The bricks from the historic part of the building are going to be stacked on pallets and the safest place to grab those is on the corner of 11th and Grant. Those that are interested in reclaiming a brick or several, feel free to go by the school. They are stacking those as we speak."

Construction of the new Franklin Elementary is expected to last until August 2017 with students attending Jefferson Elementary until its completion.