For many out of state people, they are convinced that we here in Montana still are without internet and ride our horses to work. Well that is not the case. In fact, Montana is ranked the 22nd smartest state in the U.S. (that's out of 50, for those counting at home). But, our friends at have compiled a list of the dumbest cities in the Treasure State, and you might be surprised about which made the list.

Roadsnacks used only two factors in coming up with the results.

A) The percentage % of the city's population (Adults 25 and older) with less than a high school education.

B) The percentage % of the city's high school dropouts (Ages 16-19)

After calculating all the data, they came up with the top 10 dumbest under the Big Sky.

5) Glendive

With a population of less than 6,000 people, Glendive 10.2% of the population has less than a high school education and a 9.2% dropout rate.

4) Anaconda - Deer Lodge County

With less than 10,000 people in the entire county, Anaconda and Deer Lodge land at number 4 on the list. With 9.1% of adults without a high school diploma and 15.8% of the teenagers thinking there is something better to do than go to school.

3) Laurel

What can almost be considered West Billings, Laurel is home to less than 7,000 people. Of those residents, 10.8% of adults are without a high school diploma and 12.6% of teenagers dropping out each year. Laurel nearly makes the top of the dumbest list.

2) Hamilton

Tucked in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, Hamilton isn't the brightest crayon in the box. With approximately 4,500 residents, 10.8% of adults are without a high school diploma and a staggering 26.5% of teenagers don't like being crammed into classrooms.

1) Shelby

The number one city that is "one brick short of a wall" is Shelby. With approximately 3,200 people. 14.5% of adults are without a high school diploma and 16.5% of teenagers drop out.

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