The 2019 Chip and Seal Program is underway by the City of Missoula Public Works Department.

Superintendent of the City of Missoula Street Maintenance Department, Brian Hensel said on Monday that the project began first thing Monday morning.

“Our chip seal is probably one of the best maintenance techniques that you can apply to asphalt,” said Hensel, who was working on the project during this phone conversation. “It prevents water infiltration and UV deterioration of streets that are in good to excellent condition. It just prolongs the life of your streets. It’s one of the programs that we gear up for most of the year. We’re spending around $350,000 on materials. It takes up my whole crew and we just put forth a tremendous effort.”

Hensel said the project will be concentrated into the next few weeks.

“I anticipate probably about two weeks and we started today,” he said. “There are too many streets to list, but I’ll name just a few. There’s Padre Lane, Kestrel Drive, Industrial Road and Trumpeter, those are out in the new annexed area. Tanager Way, Grizzly Court, Expressway, we’ll be on England Boulevard, Great Northern, Scott Street, West Kent, Mount Avenue, Dearborn, and all that is available on our website.”

Hensel has two requests for drivers who will be traveling over the chip sealed streets, first, slow down.

“If your driving or especially on a bicycle or a motorcycle, please, please use extra care,” he said. The loose chips can be hazardous, particularly when you make turning movements,” he said. “I always ask people please don’t do any spinouts or burnouts in the chip seal because that will create an avenue for water to start a potential pothole and it peels the chips and the oil back.”

Find the complete chip seal schedule here.

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