I have to admit I am not shocked that Chops Teriyaki is no longer in business downtown Missoula. My last experience there was mediocre at best. Both the food and the service was nothing special and the table we eat at was sticky, not exactly an experience that you wanted to repeat. Which is why I am excited to see something new in downtown Missoula!

Welcome Babak's Bakery & Deli Mart! If you have visited either of the Saturday markets in Missoula you have probably see Babak's before. They have been making fresh homemade baked goods for a while, now they have a store front for all of their deliciousness. Now all Missoulians have one more place to choose from when looking for a sweet treat!

"A place to get delicious treats like a Poppy Seed Roll while also selling items you would typically find in a European market. She is excited to welcome all of her amazing customers from the markets into her store."


    Beautiful Big Sky View of Missoula!

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