A Missoula man who identifies himself only as ‘Citizen Kane’ has been displaying the flag of France while wearing the signature yellow vest of thousands of protesters in Paris at various street corners and intersections throughout the city.

On Saturday,‘Kane’ explained why he was braving the frigid weather to bring attention to the conflict in France.

“Because I stand in solidarity with the people of France, because I believe the universal concept of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness applies worldwide,” said ‘Kane’, who asked that his real name not be used. “People are protesting in Paris because they elected the wrong person in (Emmanuel) Macron, who is a Rothschild banker and globalist, when they should have elected (Marine) LePen, and so they’re having a great awakening and embracing nationalism while rejecting globalism, which is slavery.”

‘Kane’ said he does not condone the violence and property damage that has been done in Paris, but he admires the bipartisan nature of the protests.

“I think it’s very eye-opening that you have people from the right and the left uniting for a common cause which is the rejection of their current government system,” he said. “I hope Macron will resign or be overthrown and that people will be held accountable and that taxes will be lowered, because I don’t believe in taxation without representation.”

‘Citizen Kane’, riding his bike in the cold, has made appearances downtown, at Malfunction Junction and at the intersection of Reserve and South Avenue.

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