The City of Missoula’s Office of Neighborhoods will be hosting city council candidate forums on four nights in the month of September.

Neighborhood Coordinator Jane Kelly said each forum will be held in the Missoula City Council chambers from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. each respective evening.

“Ward one will be September 18 in the City Council chambers at 140 West Pine,” said Kelly. “It will be Amber Shaffer and Heidi West. Ward two will be September 25 with Mirtha Becerra and Brent Sperry.”

Kelly said there will be two forums that will feature multiple wards.

“Candidate Forums for Wards three and four will be on September 24 with Drew Iverson and Gwen Jones for Ward three and then Alan Ault and Amber Sherrill for Ward four,” she said. “We’re also combining Wards five and six on September 19. For Ward five there will be John Contos and Alex Fregerio to be followed by Ward six with Nick Shontz and Sandra Vasecka.”

Kelly said all the forums will be moderated by the League of Women Voters.

“Each candidate will have the chance to make an opening remark,” she said. “The league will gather written questions from the audience and each candidate will answer the same questions from the audience, and they’ll have only one minute to answer each question, and at the very end they’re given time for closing remarks.”

This city council election is the first in many years to have required a primary, which cost the taxpayers approximately $51,000.

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