With the goal of locating offenders who aren’t in compliance with Montana’s Sexual or Violent Offender Registry, Montana law enforcement agencies conducted intensive compliance checks in Roosevelt County November 17th and 18th.

Spokeswoman Anastasia Burton outlined the agencies involved in the randomly announced compliance checks.

"Along with the Montana Justice Department, other agencies involved included the U.S. Marshal's Service, the U.S, Pardons and Paroles Office, the Roosevelt County Sheriff's Office, and the Fort Peck Tribal Offender Registration Team," Burton said. "They were able to get the job completed in just two days."

Burton lays out the numbers involved in the Roosevelt County compliance check.

"Investigators were able to verify 53 sex offenders as compliant, that is, residing at their registered address,” she said. “Additionally, five offenders could not be contacted at their residence and residency was not verified.  Those addresses where offenders could not be verified were left notices on their doors and the local registering agency is following up on the verifications. Two offenders were found to be non-compliant and follow-up investigations will be conducted to determine if formal charges for failing to register will be filed. 11 sex offenders and five violent offenders were brought into proper compliance. Five sex offenders had moved away and are properly registered in other jurisdictions. Four sex offenders were located in the local jail. Three sex offenders are suspected to be in federal custody and are being checked on, and three offenders were arrested on Federal warrants and one was arrested on a Tribal warrant.”

Burton said this was the first time that such a compliance check was ever conducted in Roosevelt County.