Jesse Sackett, who was convicted of murdering his wife in Missoula in 1986, has been apprehended in Minnesota after breaking parole.

Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst provides details on the original charge against Sackett.

“Mr. Sackett was charged and convicted of murdering his partner at the time,” said Pabst. “He beat her and then shot her and threw her body down an embankment. He was convicted here in Missoula County District Court in 1987 and Judge Harkin imposed a sentence of 60 years with 20 years suspended. My understanding is that he was paroled and then went to the east coast.”

Pabst said Sackett then disappeared from his parole authorities.

“In about 2009, he absconded and he’s been on the lam ever since,” she said. “We found him through the U.S. Marshal’s Office. We have such a great working relationship with the Marshal’s Service and they’ve really gone above and beyond for us and they were able to track him down in Minnesota. The warrant at that time was only for $30,000, so our office went to District Judge Townsend and she issued a new warrant with no bond, so there’s no way he can post bond and disappear again.”

Pabst said Sackett will be transported back to Missoula from Minnesota.

“We’re not exactly sure when he will arrive, but when he gets back here he’ll be brought before Judge Townsend on a petition to revoke his parole and we will be seeking to have him remanded to the Montana State Prison to serve the remainder of his sentence.”


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