Missoula County is seeking election judges for the 2012 election year and beyond. If you are registered to vote in Missoula County and enthusiastic about the voting process, you are eligible to be an election judge! To apply, please call (406) 258-4751 or email electioninfo@co.missoula.mt.us with your name and contact information. Training is held in February at the County fairgrounds and there are a variety of daytime and evening classes. To view a list of classes and other information, please visit our election judge webpage. I spoke with Missoula County Elections Coordinator Rebecca Connors on Wednesday. That interview is attached.

Missoula County will host four elections in 2012. Two School Elections will be held in the spring, followed by the Presidential Primary in June and General Federal Election in November. In order to support the democratic process, Missoula County is recruiting more than 600 election judges. There are several positions available in addition to election judges, such as polling place managers and poll book judges. Individuals are compensated for their time on Election Day and for training.

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