"Why did you try to release a child rapist out of prison?" That was the question posed to Democrat Congressional candidate Monica Tranel, who is the Democrat candidate for the Western Congressional seat in Montana this November.

Tranel visibly came unhinged when asked the question. As you can see in the video below, Tranel threw her arms in the air and got in the face of the woman asking the question. It looks like Tranel was trying to start a fist fight.

Tranel is facing former Montana Congressman, former Trump Interior Secretary, and former Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke (R-MT) in the November election.


In case you missed the story back in August, Tranel has faced criticism for going out of her way to defend a previously convicted child rapist and try to get him out of prison.

Chris Shipp: She's trying to paint herself as this environmental lawyer because that's what she thinks is going to work in Western Montana. I don't know that that's the case. But about 10 years ago, she also represented a guy named Robert Riggs. If anybody's by a computer, you have your phone, look up Riggs v Montana and Monica Tranel. And what you will see is she was his lawyer after he was already convicted of some absolutely heinous things. He was convicted of sexual assault, sexual intercourse without consent, incest, all of these felonies. And then Monica Tranel tried to get him off, arguing that his previous counsel was ineffective. She's trying to put a child molester, convicted, back out on the streets, get him a new trial. What does that say about her?

This isn't the first time Tranel has become visibly unhinged. Here is another story from the City Club in Missoula back in August, where the moderator even looked concerned by Tranel's behavior.

By the way, it looks like official debates will soon be underway.


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