If we had to use one word to describe concerts over the past two years, I feel like "adventure" would be a good option to choose. Will they happen? Won't they happen? Is this one being postponed? Is that one canceled for good? Are tickets still good for the new date? It's been a wild ride trying to keep tabs on upcoming shows and the rules that might be in effect for attendance. Although, it does seem like we're finally hitting a good stretch where more shows are being announced and our summer concert season is about to take off! But one Missoula concert finds itself in a bit of limbo as far as what the lineup will be when the show finally rolls through town.

Who's playing where?

Remember that whole part about the craziness and the "adventure" of concerts I was just talking about? Well, here's an interesting situation. We were supposed to have Dierks Bentley play the Adams Center here in Missoula in February. That show ended up being postponed and is now scheduled for September 11th. An announcement this week brought news of new opening acts being named for the next leg of Dierks' tour - including the new date in Missoula that now serves as the final stop of the tour. Jordan Davis and Lainey Wilson were originally scheduled for the February show but Ashley McBryde and Travis Denning are now filling the role as openers for upcoming tour dates around MOST of the country.

And that presents one small problem for Missoula.

Back in September of 2021, prior to Dierks Bentley announcing plans for a Missoula show, Ashley McBryde was scheduled to play The Wilma. She even rolled into town and was hanging out the day of the show. But an unfortunate horse-riding accident resulted in injuries and forced her to cancel the Missoula show as well as other upcoming dates at the time. They would eventually reschedule the show at The Wilma for September 30th of this year. But wait, that would mean Ashley McBryde would be scheduled for September 11th with the Dierks tour AND September 30th at The Wilma!

Would Ashley McBryde play twice in town in less than three weeks?

I reached out to Logjam Presents about the Ashley McBryde show and was told that there was confirmation that she WOULD NOT be on the Dierks Bentley tour in Missoula. I also contacted Live Nation to ask for information about the opening acts of the Dierks tour and the reply was that right now it's just Dierks with opening acts that are still to be determined.

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So, to recap our situation in Missoula:

  • The Wilma is the ONLY Missoula show that will feature Ashley McBryde. You can get tickets HERE.
  • The Dierks Bentley show hasn't announced who the opening acts will be for the Beers on Me Tour. But you can still purchase tickets for the upcoming show HERE.
  • When we get more information we'll be sure to pass it on!

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