THEY HAVE ARRIVED! The annual thirst for blood is underway. The mosquitoes are here and they are hungry. I can already count a dozen bites, from the hour I spent grilling last weekend. It got so bad, that I started to resent the back yard I spent so much time cleaning up. If only there was a way to make those "lil suckers" go away.

One method I have been using a lot lately is the Bug-A-Salt gun. I ti simply a gun that shoots a small amount of table salt up to 7 feet. The guns sprays the salt like a shotgun. If you take in to account the size of the salt grains compared to a mosquito, it is about the same as a 12g shotgun shell versus a Canadian goose.


But, just shooting the enemy one by one is not going to win the war.

If you have a beer, some soda and mouthwash, you can make lawn spray that will knock down some of your "skeeter" problems.

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