We had a very fast moving hour on the radio earlier this week. Dr. Scott Sears with St. Vincent Healthcare joined us.

He answered questions all across the map: is healthcare a privilege or a right? Can spouses feel the pain of their significant other? What do hospitals think about the Medicare for All" debate? What about tort reform?

And of course- he covered the big one heading in to the holidays...how do we enjoy Thanksgiving without piling all that weight on?

In addition to answering questions from listeners all across Montana, Dr. Sears also talked about some big news: SCL Health, which has hospitals in Billings (St. Vincent), Miles City (Holy Rosary), and Butte (St. James) is now expanding to Bozeman and Lewistown.

Check out our full conversation with Dr. Scott Sears in two parts below.

Pt. 1 with Dr. Sears:

Pt.2 with Dr. Sears:

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