It's always fun to guess what business will be going into an empty location around Missoula. We made a family ice cream run to the newer Big Dipper by Southgate Mall last week and the storefront next door had paper covering all the windows. I was trying to peek through the cracks to see if I could get a glimpse of what was going on inside but it was dark and I couldn't see much. I figured I would ask someone at Big Dipper if they knew about the plans for their neighboring unit. Then I got sidetracked with my double scoop huckleberry cone and forgot to mention it. But I saw some news today that might solve the mystery!

Bring on the meat!

A Facebook post from Double K Ranch has shared the news that they'll be opening the Double K Deli & Meat Shop right there in Paxson Plaza. It seems like a fitting move as you might have seen the Double K food trailer that's regularly out in front of The Dram Shop - on the other side of Big Dipper. Now, I'm not 100% sure that the window with the paper on it is the one Double K will be moving into, but in their post, they did say the new spot is a "few doors down" from the future deli. So it seems like it all adds up.

They'll be open before the end of the year

The opening of the new business near Southgate mall seems like a great addition after Diamond Bar Meats closed down last summer. And I'll be honest, I didn't realize Double K was anything more than just the food trailer. But I guess the ranch in Darby has a meat shop, a new retail shop, and online ordering.

It looks like The Double K Deli & Meat Shop is scheduled to open in the fall.

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