Imagine going on a tour of downtown Missoula, but without leaving your couch. This is a must-see and share.
Google has just started to experiment with a new kind of YouTube video format. A more dynamic approach to viewing moments with what is being touted as the "the next thing in video".

It's called 360 videos. Videos that move WITH you. The video senses the gyroscope in your Android phone and simulates the movement as if you were IN the video. Look up, you see more. Look left, look right, look all around. It's immersive, and this is one of the first 360 videos filmed in Missoula.

In this weeks local 360 video we placed our camera directly on top of the 4 X's on Higgins street offering a panoramic view like no other video has ever been able to capture.

STOP! If you are viewing this article on an Android tablet or smartphone, you are MUCH better off seeing the -->VIDEOS HERE<-- instead and, when prompted, open the YouTube app. Trust us, it's a way cooler experience on your mobile device.

On the desktop (using your Chrome browser), just click and drag as the video plays to get a virtual tour. The YouTube app will only load these videos in 360-degree mode if you're running Jelly Bean, Kitkat, or Lollipop. Again, it's very awesome on your Android phone, because often times the click-and-drag in Chrome can be a bit jerky.

Make sure to check back occasionally for more 360 tours of Missoula!

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