If you have not been to the Southgate Mall lately then it's worth stopping by just for this. The local area schools have come together to feature some amazing art work throughout the mall.

I was really impressed with all of it! These are just some of the art work there is a lot more.

A lot of really great paper mache! Some fantastic paintings and more. You can see in one of the pictures there is a neat waterfall they created. Shopsouthgate.com has a list of the schools participating:

Alberton School • Arlee School • Corvallis School
Florence School • Frenchtown School • Lolo School
Missoula International School • Mountain View Elementary School
Ovando School • Sunset Elementary School • Sussex School
Swan Valley Elementary School • Target Range School
Valley Christian School • Victor School

This event only takes place every other year and again is definitely worth checking out.

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