A $10 million grant program for rural emergency medical services (EMS) has been signed by President Trump this week. The bill, called the "SIREN" act, was a bipartisan effort from Montana's Greg Gianforte and Iowa's Dave Loebsack. S.I.R.E.N. stands for “Supporting and Improving Rural EMS.” The act was part of the 2018 Farm Bill and helps rural areas recruit and retain personnel, provide training and replace outdated equipment.

Gianforte said, "Our rural EMS providers are the first line of care for Americans in more remote areas who face a medical emergency. The SIREN act provides access to resources so that our EMS providers in remote areas have training and equipment they need to get the job done." Loebsack said the grants will help rural communities "to get the tools necessary to treat patients no matter where they live."

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