Montana Public Service Commissioner Tony O'Donnell had a great description of Fauci's response to Rand Paul...

When it comes to Dr. Tony Fauci's back and forth with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on Tuesday, O'Donnell said Dr. Fauci was being "deceptively precise" wasn't he?

Why yes he was. Commissioner O'Donnell called in to our radio show shortly before we had a very interesting conversation with Nicholas Wade. Nicholas Wade is the former New York Times science editor, who spent 30 years at the Times alone, and has been writing about science for close to 50 years.

Former New York Times science editor writes about the origins of COVID-19.

Nicholas Wade now has a fascinating report talking about the origins of COVID-19 and how all the signs point to a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He also, in part, points the finger at Dr. Fauci for signing off on US taxpayer funding for the lab in Wuhan, China.

I first heard about this story through Tucker Carlson's program, and it is definitely a compelling read. We also got to catch up with Wade himself on Wednesday morning. Here's part of what we talked about.

Did COVID-19 occur naturally, or was it released from the Wuhan lab?

Nicholas Wade: Given that we have no direct evidence for either of these two scenarios, natural emergence or lab escape, if you then look at various tests, various bits of evidence and say 'well, which scenario explains these better?' I think on every one of them, you can give us a much more natural, convincing explanation with lab escape. So that's what makes me think that, on present evidence, lab escape is the more probable.


What did Nicholas Wade think of Fauci's response to Sen. Rand Paul?

For background, Senator Rand Paul questioned Fauci about US funding "gain of function" research at the lab in China. Fauci denied funding "gain of function" research, but did not deny US funding of the lab.

Nicholas Wade: I was just perplexed. It just seems clear that these experiments would have enhanced the virulence of a natural pathogen. And that's the definition of gaining function, it  is very broad. So how Fauci can say he didn't fund such work is a puzzle to me.

Is Fauci to blame, in part, for COVID-19? Click here to read Wade's piece for yourself at

Here's the full audio of our chat with Nicholas Wade on Montana Talks with Aaron Flint:


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