A group of families, friends and supporters of the Montana Grizzly football program have issued a call to action, recommending that sanctions imposed by the NCAA be reduced or revised.

Missoula Realtor Brint Walhberg, along with Chris Coyle, father of former linebacker Brock Coyle, and another supporter, Janet Donahue, have submitted a six-page proposal to reduce the severity of sanctions that the University imposed upon itself, which were approved by the NCAA.

"Currently," Wahlberg said, "the Montana football program has docked itself four scholarships over the next three years, that's 12 scholarships in all. We look at other programs with similar violations, if you will, and the NCAA has handed down penalties to them of nearly two to three scholarships, total. That's like just one per year."

Wahlberg describes the proposal this group is asking the NCAA to consider.

"What we have put together is a six-page document," Wahlberg said. "We have presented it to University of Montana Athletic Director Kent Haslam, and he, in turn has presented it to President Royce Engstrom. The document asks the University of Montana to approach the NCAA requesting a reduction in the scholarship loss penalty. We're not asking for a full appeal, we're not saying no wrongdoing was involved, but we are saying that we don't think the penalty fits the crime, so to speak."

UM Vice President for Integrated Communications Peggy Kuhr said on Thursday, March 27, that Engstrom has reviewed the proposal, but has not yet issued any comment.

Missoula Realtor and Grizzly Football Fan Brint Wahlberg


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