If I told you that Ogren Park was gearing up for a big day of family fun you might think that I was referring to the upcoming first game of the season for the Missoula PaddleHeads. Even though that's not what I'm talking about, that wouldn't be a bad guess as the opening night of baseball is fast approaching. So I guess the good news in that scenario is now that you know it's not a PaddleHeads' game, there must be another big day of fun coming up. And there is!

The Families First 500

How awesome does this sound? They're billing the Families First 500 as a Spartan Race meets American Ninja Warrior meets Derby event.

Kids of all ages - grab your best teammate and get ready to race your way through 12 adventures. From tire flipping, to tunnel crawls, to racing your custom wearable race car around the final Karl Tyler race lap; this family-friendly adventure race is not to be missed! Event will include live music from Shodown, concessions, and a chance for kids to create and race their very own Chevy cut-out car!


It's all to help support a great cause

The event takes place on May 21 and is being put on by Families First. Not familiar with them? Their website describes the mission of the organization:

Since 1994, Families First Learning Lab (FFLL) has been empowering Missoula families with parent education and learning through play. FFLL provides knowledge and skill-building through parenting classes and opportunities for parents to connect with peers and professionals to build a strong network. In addition to the work with caregivers, FFLL facilitates opportunities for children to participate in learning through play activities.

Live music from Shodown!

The adventure-filled races of the Families First 500 will be fun, but if you don't have an interest in participating you can purchase tickets for just the entertainment portion of the event. Music will be provided by local favorite Shodown and concessions will be available. 100% of the proceeds from this event will benefit Families First Learning Lab.

Get more info with the Families First 500 HERE.

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