For many, the holidays are a special time of family togetherness and charity, but that is not always the case. According to Missoula County authorities, the holidays also bring an increase in the number of partner and family member assaults.

During the most recent Thanksgiving holiday weekend for example, one family disagreement ended with criminal charges. It all started because of an argument that took place near Cunningham Court and Old Highway 93 South in Missoula.

"A man and a woman moved up to Montana from Oklahoma, near the wife's father" said Missoula County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Paige Pavalone. "The father-in-law and the son-in-law had some issues with each other. The son-in-law was driving around and scouting out a neighborhood, looking for a house to purchase. A confrontation ensued and it resulted in a physical disturbance where a rifle was pointed out of the window at the son-in-law."

The son-in-law managed to grab the hunting rifle and break it, but the fight didn't end there. After losing his rifle, the father-in-law stepped on the gas and rammed the son-in-law's vehicle.

The father-in-law was subsequently arrested and taken into custody for partner or family member assault. He is also facing criminal endangerment charges for pointing the rifle at the son-in-law.

Pavalone said the increase in the number of partner and family member assault cases is likely due not only to the presence of more family members in town, but also because of the increased use of alcohol.